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Friday, September 25, 2009

Night blooms

Late Night Blooms

Late last night I remembered I had 2 blooms that were due to be opening on my night blooming cactus plant. I always try to catch these, if possible, because they only bloom at night and are gone by early morning.I remembered to check them just before going to bed last night-past mid-night! (almost missed them)

There are only a few blooms on each plant each blooming season so it's a challenge for me to watch these plants closely and NOT miss the blooms! I DID miss the first 3 this year! :(

This was one of my mom's favorites so the blooms always bring back sweet memories of her... This is one of the things she and I enjoyed together- all through the years!

I wrote about these flowers recently and linked to a website that tells all about these flowers, if interested.

(post link below)



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