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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mellow Yellow Monday ~ 6-27-12~ Lights for the stormy weather



The past few days we have had  a LOT of rain, due to the tropical storm, "Debby."
We have had no major problems, (thankfully) since we are not near the coast or any waterways!
All we've had is inconvenience, and for that we should be thankful-and we ARE!

We had  power outages the past 2 nights. Each time it lasted just about 2 hours. Each time it was before my bedtime so I had to scurry around with  flash lights, setting up  candles and oil lamps.

Being without power for awhile is not so bad...it's just the uncertainty of your situation that's crazy! It's not knowing how long it might last that's aggravating. It could be just minutes... or hours...or it could be DAYS! LOL

This time we got lucky - and it was soon over!

Here are some pictures of my Mellow Yellow lights on our recent dark and stormy nights!

 'Moth or Candle Fly'
 was attracted to the light-and fell into the hot wax!

Here, also, is a shot out my front door...not much yellow in this but it shows the rain and how my entrance courtyard looked!


Keep safe!!


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Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday's Fences_June 22, 2012_"Fences and Flowers"


At our place we have a 3 board fence along the front and sides. I like the rustic, country look of it and, no way would I ever want to trade for anything more fancy or elegant!

This week I was taking pictures 
of the Crepe Myrtle bushes that we have planted, both inside and outside the fence. This time of year they give us quite a colorful display!

My little poodle,
"Emma Rose,"
  watched me from the safety of the enclosed courtyard garden area.

Here are several views of the flowers and fence!


Junie Rose

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pink Saturday-June 9, 2012



This is a "Four O'clock" flower in the softest and sweetest shade of pink~ and has the sweetest aroma, too! 

This flower grows wild around here and comes back each year, where ever it chooses!  :)  I don't mind where it wants to grow ~ I just let it be! This one  grows right up through a RED Crepe Myrtle bush in my front yard!

We have several colors of Crepe Myrtle at our place.
Here are  two, in shades of pink!


...And then there are roses...

This dark pink one is an old fashioned type that is constantly in bloom. It grows right beside a Honeysuckle vine.

Enjoy the flowers!


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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Camera Critters- June 2, 2012-"April" in the Blackberry Patch



~ "April" ~ in the Blackberry Patch ~
(our newest calf)

Junie Rose

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Smart Phones!


(From my FB page)
My kids all have these types of 'smart phones.'
They suggest that C. and I need them, too!
We really don't, though!

I only have need of a cell phone about one day a week when I go out shopping...to call home and make sure C. is availa
ble to help me unload the groceries when I get home!

:) I have a cheap cell phone that has no idea how to do all those 'smart' things my kids show me that their phones can do!

...As for other communications...everyone I know now-or have EVER known- can be found on Face Book...OR I can just walk next door and say 'hi' to my neighbors! :)

I DO think we have gone a little wild in these modern times with the things that we've grown to consider our necessities in our lives!

You might think this is a contradiction, since...here I am on a computer, after all...But you don't know how LONG I did resist getting a computer!! (a LONG time!!!)

BESIDES-I can't afford a 'Smart' phone! :)

(image from Wikipedia)

This is the only Blackberry I know.
Junie Rose

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Camera Critters_ Visiting the new baby_


A few days ago I went down to the pasture  with my husband to check on the cows, and particularly, the new baby girl! Well, I have posted about her before, but not for a little while...and maybe not on this blog or for this photo challenge.
 (or , maybe so...Oh,well...) 

We named her April...because she was born in early April!
 I bet you probably figured that out!  :)

Isn't she pretty!!

 It always amazes me how quickly new babies become just one of the herd!

What's really fun is to have 2 or more babies in a herd at the same time. They frolic and play together, just as all 'kids' do.

This girl has no playmate but maybe she will have soon! Meanwhile, she just  hangs out with the grownups! (boring)


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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pink Saturday_ April 14, 2012-I Love My Flowers


"Peeps" are still around from Easter...bunnies and chicks in pinks and lavender and yellow...but they're going fast!!

~Pink and lavender are my favorite colors for spring ~ like these flowers below~

Junie Rose

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