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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Smart Phones!


(From my FB page)
My kids all have these types of 'smart phones.'
They suggest that C. and I need them, too!
We really don't, though!

I only have need of a cell phone about one day a week when I go out shopping...to call home and make sure C. is availa
ble to help me unload the groceries when I get home!

:) I have a cheap cell phone that has no idea how to do all those 'smart' things my kids show me that their phones can do!

...As for other communications...everyone I know now-or have EVER known- can be found on Face Book...OR I can just walk next door and say 'hi' to my neighbors! :)

I DO think we have gone a little wild in these modern times with the things that we've grown to consider our necessities in our lives!

You might think this is a contradiction, since...here I am on a computer, after all...But you don't know how LONG I did resist getting a computer!! (a LONG time!!!)

BESIDES-I can't afford a 'Smart' phone! :)

(image from Wikipedia)

This is the only Blackberry I know.
Junie Rose

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Camera Critters_ Visiting the new baby_


A few days ago I went down to the pasture  with my husband to check on the cows, and particularly, the new baby girl! Well, I have posted about her before, but not for a little while...and maybe not on this blog or for this photo challenge.
 (or , maybe so...Oh,well...) 

We named her April...because she was born in early April!
 I bet you probably figured that out!  :)

Isn't she pretty!!

 It always amazes me how quickly new babies become just one of the herd!

What's really fun is to have 2 or more babies in a herd at the same time. They frolic and play together, just as all 'kids' do.

This girl has no playmate but maybe she will have soon! Meanwhile, she just  hangs out with the grownups! (boring)


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