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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Today's Flowers_Feb 26, 2012_Azaleas



At our place the Azaleas are in full bloom! I enjoy them each year,  the short time they have their show. They bloom early spring here in north Fl; actually when it's still winter in most places north of us!

The Azaleas, and all of our early spring bloomers, are enchanting to see...and one just wishes it could all be captured  and kept  longer! 
Alas ~ Spring is fleeting!


~ Azaleas-in 2 shades of pink- at Our Place ~


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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

About Spring

(from my Face Book page)

Spring-like weather here in north Florida!

This is one of the early spring blossoming trees of our area ~the wild plum tree~ and one I love to see in bloom. Love the pure white puffs of blooms covering the tree!
....and one more early spring scene from our place...Red bud tree in bloom!

The thing about Spring is that it's such a fleeting thing.... you just have to grab it when you can! Spring for us here in north Fl comes weeks early (when it's supposed to be still winter)... and is SO SOON gone.


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