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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Smart Phones!


(From my FB page)
My kids all have these types of 'smart phones.'
They suggest that C. and I need them, too!
We really don't, though!

I only have need of a cell phone about one day a week when I go out shopping...to call home and make sure C. is availa
ble to help me unload the groceries when I get home!

:) I have a cheap cell phone that has no idea how to do all those 'smart' things my kids show me that their phones can do!

...As for other communications...everyone I know now-or have EVER known- can be found on Face Book...OR I can just walk next door and say 'hi' to my neighbors! :)

I DO think we have gone a little wild in these modern times with the things that we've grown to consider our necessities in our lives!

You might think this is a contradiction, since...here I am on a computer, after all...But you don't know how LONG I did resist getting a computer!! (a LONG time!!!)

BESIDES-I can't afford a 'Smart' phone! :)

(image from Wikipedia)

This is the only Blackberry I know.
Junie Rose

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