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Friday, October 15, 2010

Camera Critters~ 10-15-10 -Halloween Cat


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This is my post for this week!

Yesterday  we put together our Fall/Halloween display for the front yard-and as always a scare crow
appeared as part of it!

As always, too, my old cat , Tiger, wanted to have a part in the 'putting it all together!' Well, maybe it was just that he wanted to be the first to get his picture taken in the festive display! (What a ham he is!!)

Today when I came home from shopping, Tiger had knocked over the scarecrow guy and was taking a nap on top of him!
Didn't have my camera handy for that!
The last picture is my Tiger, several years ago, on another Halloween!

Tiger~ a favorite Camera Critter!


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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday_Oct 9, 2010 ~ Cats in Shadows~


It's Shadow Shot Sunday once again!


In my back yard are luscious shadows from three huge Live Oaks! 
My  3 cats enjoy this environment ... for prowling and some bird watching but mostly just lounging!

...but -wait- that little orange cat isn't mine!
She's a stray that has been hanging around since she was a baby.  I wish I could tame her- but I haven't been able to get close to her!
I call her 'Goldie'- not even knowing for sure that it is a girl!

Such a pretty cat!

  You can see my General  at least tolerates her-I've seen all my cats sharing food with her!  I wish they would just tell her... "That lady is OK- RELAX!"

Meanwhile-all I can do is just see that there's enough food put out for at least one extra cat!


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