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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our day-June 8, 2010 (Health issues-and A SNAKE!!))


Today Charles had an appointment with a cardiologist-a followup from an appointment last week. He's having some problems recently with being very short of breath with any exertion. This is something new in the way he feels so it needed to be checked out.

Today he had an echo cardiogram procedure-a sonogram of the heart which actually shows the function of the heart-and any problems that may be present. He also is wearing a 24 hour heart monitor attached to his chest . He goes back on the 10th to see what these tests will show -and to see what the next step may be in his treatments. Charles has had a heart stint a few years ago and we expect another might be necessary!

...We'll get through this again!


In the afternoon I did some much needed garden work. I got 2 more of my roses planted in my rose garden in the back yard! I have 4 more to get planted-Plus I bought a Butterfly bush to plant! Gardening (weeding, especially) becomes a real big chore as summer kicks in here. It's been so hot lately, making it very hard to work for long periods of time...so I do it in short bursts of work sessions.

The vegetable garden is getting out of hand in a hurry, too, with squash-okra and cucumbers all ready and needing picking about every second day! I plan to do squash up for the freezer tomorrow! (If I remember HOW to do it) The cucumbers are a loss- except for our daily use-as the ones Charles and Joy planted are the really huge ones- no kidding- some are more than a foot long!!! They are good in salads but one cuke is big enough for 3 salads! haha

What was he thinking to plant these giants? LOL!!!

Smaller cucumbers I could have used for making pickles!!
Crisp, fresh dills are yummy!

Tomatoes and bell peppers are being attacked by bugs! :(

The corn is just getting ready to start putting on the ears...and that's when the bugs discover them! Hope we can control the bugs!

LOL-I just remembered why we gave up doing a garden a few years ago!! This one was mostly for Joy, our new Daughter-in-Law! She has enjoyed it- so far, I think!


After I did my rose planting, weeding and watering, I was about ready to go inside to get dinner started-when I saw that my little cat seemed fascinated with something. As I approached her I saw what she had spotted in the grass.

Yes! She had found a snake- luckily a harmless one! I say lucky...because Lucy was not at all afraid of that snake. I had to chase her away in order to save the snake!

I quickly came inside for my camera, hoping to get some good, close up pictures. When I got back out the snake had moved and was almost into the fern growing around the oak tree. I managed to get a couple of pic- but not good ones!

:) I was tempted to pick that snake up but just couldn't work up enough courage to do that; even though I knew it was a non-poisonous snake!


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At June 9, 2010 at 5:20 AM , Blogger Sally said...

Aw, Junie, I sure hope and pray Charles will be okay! Shortness of breath is scary stuff.

Love your pics. :)

At June 9, 2010 at 10:38 AM , Blogger Poetic Shutterbug said...

I hope your hubby gets through this ok. Keep us posted. I have come across a snake a couple of years ago and it was not fun. So, I understand your not wanting to pick it up :D


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